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Fish for your next catch aboard our fishing charter.

A calm sea, the blue sky overhead, and the taste of saltwater on your lips mean you’re in for a great day fishing. The Pompano Beach, Florida area is known for its fishing, and you can find your next award-worthy catch when you come out fishing with us at DH Scuba.

Fishing in Pompano Beach, Florida

Our boating charter serves vacationers, seasoned fishers, explorers, and those who just want to get out on the water and try their luck at hooking a big catch. As a local, experienced fishing guide, we know some of the most exclusive spots for prime fishing. Aboard our fishing charter, we will relay this knowledge to you and guide you as we cruise the waters and cast our lines. DH Scuba is equipped with the latest and greatest fishing electronics on the water. Captain Kenny will ensure your fishing charters are a great success with his knowledge of the area, the water currents, and weather patterns.

Fishing Charters with a Local Expert

Bring your own bait and equipment or let us furnish what you need. We can also give you pointers as you fish, or we can let you fish in peace if you’ve been doing this for a while. Whatever your preferences, we’ll make your next fishing trip exactly what you want it to be, whether you want us completely involved or on the sidelines to help when you have questions.

We can’t wait to head out to the open water with you and help you fish for some of the unique fish that swarm the ocean waters in this part of Florida. Contact us now to book our fishing charter, find out more about our rates, or ask us anything you need to know about hopping on board and fishing with us.


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