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At DH Scuba, we love the beautiful waters and sandy beaches that surround us here in Pompano Beach, Florida. But the tropical paradise that encompasses us isn’t the only thing that inspired us to start our boat charter. Our owner and founder, Kenny Johnson, is native to the area, and he grew up boating the southern coast of Florida, which fueled his love for boating and the water.

About DH Scuba

After having a personal awakening that brought him closer to God, Kenny became a certified diver five years into the addiction recovery process. Eventually, he advanced his certifications and became a master trainer instructor and earned his U.S. Coastguard Captain’s License. He also started a ministry program – Discipleship House – where he could help other men struggling with addiction while fostering their relationship with God.

As part of this ministry, Kenny used his dive program to help every man involved in his ministry work through the recovery process, while working a normal job to support themselves. Today, a portion of the proceeds from every charter we book goes to Discipleship House, and we appreciate everyone who supports this part of our mission.

Our boating charter takes vacationers and adventurers out to the ocean to scuba dive, fish, and sightsee. Our certifications, competitive pricing, and local area knowledge make us the boat charter to book if you want a real Pompano Beach experience. DH Scuba is equipped with the latest and greatest fishing and diving electronics on the water. One of only 3 operators in the area with the expertise to make your technical dives a success. Captain Kenny will ensure your deep dive drops are accurate and safe with his knowledge of the area, the water currents, and weather patterns.

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