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DH SCUBA is a Christian Recovery Dive program that specializes in men and women who are in recovery. It doesn’t matter if you are new to recovery or have years of sobriety. We have seen great results and we want to make this open to all those in recovery. This is a fertile mission ground that needs your support.

I believe that scuba diving gives us a new adventure in recovery, and will help the ones who enter with a new outlook on life. I enjoy taking people through the Dive certifications, and watch as they gain confidence, build their self-esteem, and gain a new sense of identity. I’ve seen many conquer fears that they may have had prior to entering the water.

As I stated earlier DH SCUBA is a Christian dive program. I give the glory to God by inviting his presence to be with us before we leave the dock, by a devotional and a prayer. So come with us and experience a great adventure under the sea.


God Bless,     

Capt. Kenny
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My name is Captain Kenny.  I was born in Miami Florida. Thats right I'm a native Floridian who loves the water here in South Florida. DH Scuba is a Christian Dive Company that caters to people in recovery. We have a 6 pac dive boat that makes it extremely easy to dive from. I navigate the waters here in Pompano and Deerfield Beach. We go out every weekend of course weather permitting and dive the natural reef system and the artificial reefs here. We would love to have you along with us on our dives and enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie that we share out on the water together.

At Dh Scuba we also provide Scuba Dive classes from Open Water, Advanced diver, Rescue diver and Dive master courses. I am a PADI instructor and you will get the standards that being a PADI student provides. Come join us for your certification into the Dive Industry.

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