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Take to the open sea aboard our cruise charter.

Your premium, personalized boating experience awaits aboard our charter at DH Scuba. While many people seek us out to scuba dive or fish, some want the leisurely experience of cruising the stunning ocean waters and sightseeing in the Pompano Beach, Florida area.

Cruise Charters in Pompano Beach, Florida

If you fall into this category, you won’t be disappointed when you book one of our cruise charters. Come aboard one of our cruise charters and a crewed boat will take you out on the water, pointing out local sightseeing spots or simply letting you enjoy the sun on your face and light saltwater mist from the water below. Some of our most popular cruise charters take you to some of the most beautiful and interesting spots in this part of Florida, including:

  • Celebrity homes
  • Port Everglades
  • Fort Lauderdale (the yachting capital of the world)

Booking a cruise charter with us is quick and easy. We know when you’re on vacation or want to relax, you don’t want the hassle of jumping through hoops just to plan your adventure. All we need is a few details from you, as well as what you want out of your cruise charter, and you’ll be set to head out onto the water with us.

Make a cruise charter part of your vacation or celebration plans! We want to hear all about what you want from your next charter, so contact us now to book and finalize your reservation.


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