DH SCUBA is a Christian Recovery Dive company that certifies people who are in a substance abuse recovery program. It really doesn't matter which recovery program you went through or even if you never did. The idea is that you are involved with a recovery program either that you are in recovery or that you support someone who is in a recovery program or that your believing in supporting people who are in recovery. This is a fertile mission ground that needs your support.

I believe that scuba diving gives us a new adventure in recovery that is a healthy sport and will help the ones who enter into it to have a new outlook on life. I enjoy taking people through the certifications of scuba diving and watch as they gain confidence and build their self esteem along with a sense of identity as they conquer some fears that they may have had prior to entering into the water.

As I stated earlier DH SCUBA is a Christian dive company and I give the glory to God by inviting his presence to be with us before we leave the dock by a devotional and a prayer. So come with us and experience a great adventure under the sea.

God Bless,     

Capt. Kenny

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